Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Go See and Good-Bye

So tonight was the "Go See" episode on America's Next Top Model and the modelettes had to go out and impress designers in hopes of getting booked for future shows. Well that's how it works in the "real" world of models. But on ANTM, the girls just end up running from one end of a foreign city to another, with the warning that they have to be back by a certain time. Basically, the modelettes look like a bunch of idiots trying to sell themselves, navigate a city, and remain punctual. It's a disaster waiting to happen, as always.

So let's see how the girls fared:
  • Renee: manipulative as always--sneaking photos of her kid into her professional book in attempts to have an in with a designer (barf).
  • Brittney: super klutzy, directionally challenged, and looking weaker than ever. And what's up with not knowing how to use an elevator? Good grief. Of course she was late, and of course she threw a fit. Model behavior? I think not. You just know Renee was loving that!
  • Jaslene: totally under the radar. The producers hardly even showed her on her go see adventure--was she really even there? She's so scary-skinny, it's possible she just blew away. How in the hell did she win? She looks like a wet rat and listening to her talk is--well--a challenge. She sounds like a drag queen. I don't get it.
  • Natasha: Apparently too flirty and a bit too sexy. She also completely ignored a designer who was asking her how tall she was. I thought she was going to punch Renee when Renee informed her she was late.
  • Dionne: If she said "Oh, I want to keep this outfit" one more time, I thought I might scream. Models wear amazing clothes and accessories all the time and they don't get to keep everything--get over it, girl.
The models-to-be then had to pose with men on the beach and attempt to appeal to both men and women. The winner? Jaslene because she was the most versatile. I don't care what Tyra says, I still don't like her that much. The loser? Brittnay. Too bad, so sad...I guess her excuses have run out.

There's only 4 left and I swear, I still don't have someone to root for. Oh sure, I'm rooting against Renee, so she'll probably win. My co-worker is convinced she's going to be the top model and I really hope she's wrong. God, why do I watch this crap? There has to be something more important I could be doing with my time, I'm sure.


finding the filth said...

hehehe - britney's tantrum was a scream! too funny! it was probably the most interesting she's been all season. i gotta give dionne credit for scoring designer goods for free. why not, right? she still has the best attitude and the best commentary. renee needs to be cut immediately and everybody hates her, so that means she will at least be in the top 2. natasha is a ditz but i respect her positivity. and she really does try her best at every task. jaslene - i think shes gonna win. she's the most "modelly" and could actually have a lucrative career. also, she's the come-back story, and you know trya loves a good story....

Serendipity said...

god this show is such garbage! and yet, i couldnt turn off the F*%$king TV! what is that all about???