Saturday, May 19, 2007

The British Are Coming

I lived in England twice in my life: once in my freshman year of high school (in a small seaside town called Broadstairs), the other time in college (in London, the best city on the earth). Both times, I relied on Boots the Chemist (drugstore, for us yanks!) for everything from film developing to mascara. Boots was everywhere, on every High Street in every town in England, and was always a great place to find new beauty treasures. (I remember with great fondness a shampoo from Boots that contained linco beer--it made my hair shiny and super cute!)

Today I had to make a trip to Target, another one of my favorite places, to pick up boring stuff like moisturizer and cat litter, when I noticed a whole aisle of Boots products. Woo-hoo! According to their press release, Boots has teamed up with Target, CVS, and Canadian Shopper's Mart to bring their products to North America. Boots products have been available in Target for a while, but I guess I hadn't noticed.

Why should we care, and what should we expect from the Boots brand? Well, you could check out cosmetic products from Boots' No. 7 brand, a line admired by Madonna and Kiera Knightly, botanic cosmetics and skin care developed in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, or Mediterranean bath and skin care products that contain organic ingredients, to name a few.

From what I saw, the cosmetics were nicely packaged and there were samples of almost every product to try out. Boots also offers fun box sets of skin care products that would make a nice gift or would be an easy way to try out the brand. The prices seemed reasonable, and when I have more time, I'll definitely check out the Boots aisle and pick something up.

Get a bit more international in your perspective and try Boots products out for yourself--just be sure you tell me your thoughts!


Michelle said...

My fondest memory of Booth;'s was when my then EBF now exEBF ( English BoyFriend) Had brought me there for chapstick, and I remember that I fouond it highly amusing that they had they very big banners with the words ' I WILL NOT EAT RUBBISH' on them.
I found this hysterical. Raj was seemling pissed that I couldn't be have myself. because on the way home I kept with my best faux english accent and repetedly told him that I too, will not eat rubbish. Obviously... the relationship didn't last. :D

Lydia said...

Mind the gap!

I love British English! :)