Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturize

What is it? Dove's Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer with Subtle Self-Tanners "gradually builds a beautiful summer glow. Dove believes that real beauty can be genuinely stunning. That's why Dove developed Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer with subtle self-tanners. It gradually enhances and evens out your natural skin color, giving you a beautiful summer glow all year long. For great results, after about one week, apply daily all over to build a gradual summer glow." Readily available at drugstores for about $8.50.

What did you think? I am not a tanner. I have really pale, ghostly white skin, and if I go out without sunblock, I end up with a bright pink burn. I don't think I have been tan in over 10 years. The other day I was trying on clothes and became increasingly distracted by my uber-white legs. Right then and there, I vowed to do something to add a little pigment to my skin.

There are so many gradual tanners on the market...some just moisturize while adding color, others including a firming lotion. I chose Dove because it tends to react well with my skin. According to their directions, their lotion is to be applied daily and then given time to dry. They say that results will be visible within 3 days, will the full effect becoming apparent after a week.

The lotion itself is light and fruity smelling. It applies easily, but does go on a bit wet. It does take some time to dry, so you need to allow yourself a few minutes to apply this lotion. After a few days of use, my pale skin has taken on a healthier, darker appearance. However, it does not look too dark and it has not tinted my skin orange.

I have noticed that areas I don't normally moisturize stick out a bit. I need to take a little more time to make sure I apply the moisturizer to parts of my feet so they don't look so awkwardly white next to my somewhat darker legs.

The final verdict? I'm thrilled with my results so far. This is the closest I have come to tan in ages, and I haven't had to suffer the ill effects of the sun. My skin has darkened, but it is also very touchable and soft. The only change I would make would be to add an SPF to the lotion, but that's just me, the sun-phobe talking. Overall, I'd have to say that Dove Energy Glow is a keeper!


Michelle said...

Makes my ankles patchy.

mjude said...

i use dove energy glow. just discovered it last year..i think. anyway i like the results. i am not brave to try it on my face or arms though. i use it on my legs/feet. i am a bit of a slob when putting it on, but hey, i dont care :)

finding the filth said...

ooo!! im so glad to see that you've reviewed the product! i picked it up a couple of weeks ago, but have been too chicken to try it yet. i've never used a tanner before and have only heard horror stories. but, i too, suffer the ghostly white leg syndrome and burn within minutes of sun exposure.

now i'm totally gonna use it! thanks for the review - this really helped me!

Lydia said...

I've been using this on my arms and legs for over a week and my mother noticed that i was tan for, as she put it, the first time in my life. Nice. now, after a week, i have noticed that I am a little splotchy here and there, but i chalk that up to my crappy appliction. i think if you just take the time to apply it correctly, you'll look amazing. i'm pretty happy with my results!