Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Define-a-Lash

What is it? According to their website, Maybelline's Define-a-Lash lengthening mascara is "clump-free. The weightless formula and revolutionary built-in wiper guarantee no clumps. It's patented shape-to-the-lash brush elongates and accentuates lashes one by one." Available in various shades of black and brown for less than $6.

What did you think? I love Maybelline for mascara. If you're looking for a cheap tube of decent mascara, you really don't need to go any further than the Maybelline display. I've used Great Lash for years and have loved it. Their Volume Express is also pretty decent. Based on my past experiences, I was looking forward to Maybelline's latest mascara, Define-a-Lash.

The bright green tube is not only one of my favorite colors, but it is also easy to find in my dark and over-crowded makeup case. Upon opening the tube and pulling out the wand, I immediately noticed that the "wiper" (as they call it) was different than most other mascaras. It is very flexible and light, and doesn't get all gunked up with mascara like some other wands on the market.

Define-a-Lash did just what it promised--it gave me amazingly long lashes. A huge plus. The one downside is that I did notice a few clumps. Weird, since this is supposed to be a clump-free formula. Thankfully I know how to use a lash comb and have been able to get rid of said clumps with very little effort.

The final verdict? Yet another decent mascara from Maybelline. I swear, they can do no wrong with their lash-lenghteners. The sleek, compact, green tube packs a mighty punch, and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking long, pretty lashes. You don't have to overspend when it comes to mascara, as Maybelline proves over and over again.

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