Tuesday, May 01, 2007

As If I Need An Excuse

My fabulous friend informed me that Saturday is not only Saturday Cinco de Mayo (which grants me a free license to drink all the margaritas I can handle), but it's also Makeup Junkie's Day. Woo-hoo!! I'll have to find a way to celebrate this pseudo-holiday...perhaps a shopping spree at Sephora or Ulta? A pedicure? A facial? Hmmm...the possibilities are endless!

So this begs the question: If you could go on an expenses paid beauty shopping spree, what would you get? My picks: a set of really great, high quality makeup brushes (not only would I use them every day, but I'd probably have them for years), a few tubes of StriVectin (since I'm dying to try the stuff out, but am none too thrilled by its price), maybe an expensive bottle of Chanel No. 5, god--there are so many ultra-lux items I could add to my list. What would you want? Leave me a comment and let me know! And happy Makeup Junkie's Day!


Anonymous said...

i'd get estee lauders little brown bottle, their night repair serum. i hear the stuff is awesome, but i cant afford the $85 price tag. why do beauty product have to be so darn expensive?

Sugarshock said...

I'd probably splurge on fragrances: the whole Stella McCartney line, Jo Malone and Fresh. and then skincare too, like Skyn Iceland.

finding the filth said...

i would definitely indulge on some fragrance. fresh makes 2 that i love: lemon sugar (im running out) and pink jasmine (my sample is almost done). id also have to restock on my favorite versace colognes - red jeans and yellow jeans - perfect for everyday wear. oh - and i need to get issey myake's cologne again, too. that one always made people stop me on the street.

good quality make-up brushes are a great idea. my friend got a great one that cost something like $68, but she swears by it and won't use anything else.

but the one item at the top of my list - a train case. you know those big gorgeous make-up cases that they sell at sephora? one of those - the biggest available, with a bazillion little compartments for all of my stuff. i hear louis vuitton makes them too, and his luggage is a thing of beauty! so, if i had one extravagant dream purchase - i would definitely invest in one of those!