Thursday, April 12, 2007

Victory for Women Here in Washington State

First, let me say it's about time this ruling came down. Here in Washington, a state that is very liberal on the Seattle side of the state (where I live) and very conservative on the eastern side of the state (where I avoid), there has been a battle brewing over whether or not a pharmacist has the right to NOT fill a prescription due to moral opposition.

The argument stems from right-wing, religious, conservative pharmacists incorrectly believing that prescribing the Plan B (morning after) pill was the same thing as providing an abortion. Since they are morally opposed to abortion, they would not fill prescriptions women obtained from doctors for emergency contraception.

The state Pharmacy Board has finally ruled and has stated that all pharmacists MUST fill ALL prescriptions, despite their own personal moral objections. It's about time. A third party's religious, political, or "moral" opinions have no place in the delivery of legally obtained prescriptions. And no man, woman, whatever, should be judged by a pharmacist for needing a particular drug.

I applaud this decision from the Washington Pharmacy Board. It's a great victory for the citizens of the state. If the Pharmacy Board had ruled the other way, I can only imagine what could happen. Condoms, birth control pills, etc. could be made unavailable. Pharmacists who believe the homosexuality is a sin could have potentially withheld medication from groups they were "morally" opposed to. This is an important decision and it's a good day for Washington.

If you're interested in this whole fiasco, click here.

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Serendipity said...

YIPPEE!!!! Man--i need to keep up w/ your blog!

This was a HUGE victory for women in this state. Hopefully there are more victories to come!