Tuesday, April 03, 2007

To Pop Or Not To Pop--THAT Is The Question!

Life's not fair. Here I am, 31 years old--well out of my awkward teen years--and I still get the occasional zit. Right now, I have a whopper the size of Mt. Rainier on my cheek, just under my eye, right where my glasses hit. Could life get any better? To make matters worse, I was bitching to my mother about my pimple, and she said she still get them from time to time. Somehow it just doesn't seem right--zits should go away when you reach 25. If I ran the world, that's how it would work anyway.

So, now I have this giant, red, annoying (and painful) thing on my face and I know I shouldn't pick it. But god, do I want to. In honor of my zit, here are a few good ways to deal with massive, disgusting, annoying pimples:
  1. Keep your hands off the damn thing. This is so hard!! All I want to do is pop the sucker, but doing so can lead to scarring. Also, any yucky germs I might have on my hands could potentially cause my zit to get infected. The only thing worse than a zit is an infected zit.
  2. Ice, Ice Baby. If your pimple is inflamed and painful, you may want to put an ice cube over your bump to help ease the situation. It dulls the area around the zit and brings down any swelling. Plus you'll be too distracted by the cold ice cube to think about squeezing every last drop of pus out of your pimple.
  3. Cleanse--gently. While you may want to bust out a heavy duty exfoliating wash to "sand off" your blemish, your best bet is to use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin clean. You should also avoid any strong fragrances or dyes.
  4. Get medicated. Using acne-busting medication (like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc.) won't make your current zit go away any faster, it may prevent future breakouts, which is ultimately what you want to do.
I've been covering up my own personal natural disaster with some foundation and have been easing up on the moisturizer in that area. Already my zit is getting less noticeable, so I think its days are numbered. Still, I shouldn't have to deal with stupid zits at this point in my life! Grrr!

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