Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hair Deja Vu

Bravo, the channel that is desperately milking the success of one of my faves, Project Runway, has a new competition-based reality show called Sheer Genius. Basically the premise of the show is that a bunch of hair stylists with strong personalities and questionable judgment are vamping for the title of best hair stylist according to a bunch of judges that no one knows or cares about.

While Sheer Genius can be mildly entertaining, it made me think: hasn't this been done before? A quick google search revealed that yes, in fact, it has been Oxygen, on a show called Tease. Now apparently Tease is more like Iron Chef while Sheer Genius is in the vein of Runway, but still--how many shows do we really need about hair stylists? I guess originality isn't something TV execs value. *Sigh*

The one good thing is that Bravo's Sheer Genius site has some fun photos, styling tips, even a quiz to find out what your hair personality is. Apparently I'm a traditional type of gal when it comes to hair--who knew?

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