Sunday, April 22, 2007

Every Day is Earth Day!

Today has been crazy busy! I seemed to be going non-stop from one end of the Puget Sound to the other. I spent the morning and afternoon in downtown Seattle at the Pike Place Market acting like a tourist, and the evening up north in Everett running errands just to get ready for the week ahead.

Sad to say, I have done nothing (expect buying environmentally friendly toilet paper) to honor Earth Day. So, to create some good karma for myself, here are some sites you can check out to learn how you can do your part to take care of our Earth:
  • Earthday Network: Learn to take small changes to save the planet and get outreach information at this site.
  • Climate Crisis: This is the companion site to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and if you have yet to see Al's documentary, go out and rent it NOW!
  • Safe Climate: Calculate how much carbon you emit each year, and learn ways to reduce your output.
The good news is that the environmental movement is gaining in popularity, so the web is littered with sites that provide ways to live a greener lifestyle. It isn't hard to do your part, so there are no excuses!

I'll be back tomorrow with more beauty and makeup posts, but for now, Happy Earth Day!

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