Friday, April 13, 2007

Estee Lauder University: Lesson 6

It's Friday the 13th!! Despite having to deal with a bunch of morons while out driving, today hasn't been unlucky for me. I don't buy into all that Friday the 13th craziness.

Time for the 6th beauty myth vs. reality from Estee Lauder:

Myth #6: Make one scent your signature.

Reality according to Estee Lauder: False! Instead of settling on one scent, pick several to match your moods. A collection of several perfumes is a must for most woman. Estee Lauder is highlighting four of their perfumes--you can check them out here.

Reality according to Lydia: Who can afford 4+ full sized perfumes? Not I! If you want to play around with perfumes, you may want to consider owning several small "travel" sized bottles. Many perfume makers package their scents in cute little boxes featuring their best selling brands. This is probably the most economical to get a collection of perfumes. Plus, perfume has a very limited shelf-life, so it may not be practical to own many large bottles if you don't plan to use them regularly. I don't know...I only own two bottles of perfume: Clinique's Happy for everyday use and Dune by Christian Dior when I'm going out somewhere fancy. They're very different scents and each serves its own purpose. I'm not the world's biggest perfume fan, so for me, buying a bunch of different scents seems like an unnecessary waste of money.

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