Thursday, April 12, 2007

Estee Lauder University: Lesson 5

Friday is almost here and that means the weekend is just around the corner! Yay! Of course, that also means the end to my freedom from work (boo!).

Here's today's beauty myth vs. reality from Estee Lauder:

Myth #5: Red lipstick is hard to wear.

Reality according to Estee Lauder: False. Every woman can wear red lipstick. Here are their rules: if you look great in plum colors, go for a red with blue undertones. If peach is your color, try a coral red. If browns are your bag, go for a brownish red. Click here for more from Estee.

Reality according to Lydia: Anyone can wear red, but they just have to follow the rules listed above. To find the best red for you, click here. A note of caution: make sure you have no red globs of lipstick on your teeth, and you may want to consider exfoliating your lips from time to time to knock off any flaky, dead skin that could lead to less than beautiful lips. One last thing I have to say (and I always seem to be saying this): if you are going to play up your lips, tone down everything else (i.e., go more neutral on the eye). The last thing you want is to look overly made up, or (like one of my readers once said) like a hooker!

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