Monday, April 09, 2007

Estee Lauder University: Lesson 2

Happy Monday! It's my week off (being in the education field has very few perks, but spring break is a great one) and it's time for the second day of Estee Lauder's "beauty myths vs. reality" email campaign. Here's the overview:

Myth #2: You're never too young for eye care.

Reality according to Estee Lauder: True! According to their email, the skin around the eyes is very fragile and shows signs of age much faster than other parts of the body. Eye creams, gels, and serums can help hydrate, heal, even lift the skin around your eyes. Click here for more about Estee Lauder's eye creams.

Lydia's reality: I agree. Since the eye lids don't produce extra moisture, it's important to add an eye cream to your routine. Think about how much strain we put our eyes through each day. Now add to that any photo-damage from the sun, environmental pollutants you're exposed to, and if you smoke on top of all that, the skin around your eye is paying a huge price.

My eyes are feeling a fair amount of pain today. Right now, I'm functioning on about 3 hours of sleep, and it's amazing how refreshed I feel by just taking some time to wash my face and apply some eye cream.

Click here for an earlier post I wrote all about which eye cream/gel/serum is right for you. If you haven't started using one yet, it's time to fork over some money and add an eye product to your routine.

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