Monday, April 23, 2007

Brazilian Girls

Why is it that women from Brazil are viewed as being ultra-sexy, super women? Well, now you can find out AND embrace some of the principles that make them the super hot vixens we think they are. Just in time to prepare for bikini season, a new book is about to hit the market to help get you in shape a whole new way: The Brazilian Bikini Body Program: 30 Days to a Sexier Body and Mind by Regina Joseph.

Below is some info on the premise of this program from the official press release. I like the idea of embracing an organic, environmentally friendly lifestyle and working on changing your attitude to change your life (I'm becoming more and more a believer that you get out of a situation what you put in to it and that you have two choices in life: happiness or misery. Somehow I think misery is harder!).

With both obesity and global climate concerns at an all-time high comes the first program that demonstrates how to do something good for your body while doing something good for the planet. Author Regina Joseph provides a step-by-step roadmap to eating, living and savoring life as Brazilians do in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to a healthier, more earth-friendly lifestyle. The Brazilian Bikini Body Program: 30 Days To A Sexier Body And Mind (St. Martin's Press, ISBN 312363826; listed at $24.95) officially goes on sale May 1, 2007. The Brazilian Bikini Body Program Online, featuring video, audio, and more, will debut on the same day at

The Menu: Find 30-days of delicious vitamin and anti-oxidant rich recipes featuring the "superfoods" of the Amazon—-the gastronomic and medicinally important keys to conservation and your health, now finally available in the US. Mouthwatering Brazilian meals will keep you satisfied, energized and trimmer. The plan removes all the guesswork: The book provides complete shopping lists, preparation and planning schedules—-ideal for busy lives.

The Movement: Flatten your belly and mitigate back pain with a fusion of Pilates and the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, for a powerful body you’ll be proud to display whether in a bathing suit or naked. The book offers three fully-illustrated workout plans (10-minute, half-hour, and full hour) that you can easily adapt to a hectic schedule.

The Attitude: Change how you see food, your body and the world around you; When faced with obstacles, Brazilians wield "jeitinho" (the Portuguese word for "that special little way"), which blends pragmatism, cheeky irreverence, a lust for life. Learn how to get around life's SNAFUs Brazilian-style.

Author Regina Joseph is a New York City-born Brazilian writer, fitness professional and entrepreneur. In addition to her extensive work in media, including the founding of Blender Magazine, she is a certified Pilates instructor who works and teaches in New York, Europe, Brazil and Asia.

Sounds like it's worth a read. Check it out next week--who knows, it may provide some really good insight on how to live life with a little more passion!

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Serendipity said...

WOW! This sounds really great! I may have to pick this up!