Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Avon Calling

Let me first say that I am not a huge fan of "at home marketing" types of companies (like Tupperware, etc.). I feel like they're a little--I don't know--creepy. I mean really, why can't they sell their stuff in regular stores like the rest of the world?

In terms of beauty products, the two big home-based companies are Mary Kay and Avon. I have never used Mary Kay before (a friend of mine swears they're a cult, but I'm not so sure about that), but I have purchased products from Avon and have been very happy with their quality and prices.

That said, I just took a quick look at both of their sites, and here are a few products that may just convince me to support these two home-based companies:

  • Timewise Targeted Action Line Reducer, $40. This easy to use applicator delivers "immediate visible benefits" to the forehead and crow's feet area. Mary Kay's marketing info claims a 33% reduction of forehead lines and a 50% improvement around the eyes. I say it's cheaper and less painful than botox, so it could be worth a shot!
  • MK Signature Facial Highlighting Pen, $18. This "pen" contains what appears to be some sort of foundation that has light-reflecting pigments blended in it. It's available in several shades to match different skin tones and to brighten the face. It looks fairly simple to use and I like the idea of adding a little light to the face with a foundation type of product.
  • Overall impression: Mary Kay's website didn't really inspire me to keep looking. Their products just didn't excite me--maybe it was the way they were displayed, maybe it's my friend's assertion that it's a cult, maybe it's a fear of pink Cadillacs. I don't know--whatever it was, I wasn't feeling much love for MK.
  • True Shadow Eye Quad, $7. Avon has twelve different quad eyeshadow palettes, so there's sure to be a color set here for everyone. I like the sueded nudes and the earthtone quads. The sets are compact and nicely priced (at the time of this post, they are on sale for less than $6--what a deal!), and look like they'd be flattering and easy to use.
  • Jillian Dempsey Sheer Glow All Over Face Powder, $11. It could just be that I am a sucker for pretty things, but I like the looks of this product. You just lightly brush the powder over your skin to achieve a "subtle iridescence." I like the sound of that!
  • Instant Manicure Dry Nail Enamel Strips, $8. I've been meaning to order a set of these suckers for a while now and just haven't gotten around to it. I've heard mixed reviews about this "dry" manicure (think peel and stick nails!), but I'm intrigued. Avon offers 20 shades, and the manicure is supposed to last a couple of weeks. It could be a disaster, but it might just work. One of these days I'll get around to ordering them, I swear!
  • mark. Flip for It Spring Color Kit, $18. Available in three different palettes (called Paris, New York and Milan), mark. (a division of Avon) has developed a fun on-the-go kit that includes eye color, lip color, and cheek color in one compact little box. All you have to do is flip the kit around to reveal each product. The colors looks great, and a mirror is included so this is perfect to throw in your purse for a mid-day refresher.
  • Overall impression: Avon's site is easy to navigate and the products look a lot more fresh than MK. Plus, Avon seems very generous with their sales and beauty deals. Their mark. line includes products geared to a younger set, keeping Avon relevant for moms and their daughters.
Do you use either Mary Kay or Avon? And, if so, what are your impressions of their products? Like I said, I've used Avon before and have been very happy with my purchases. But for some reason, it just seems so much easier to go to Ulta, Sephora, or even Target to pick up my beauty products.


finding the filth said...

i have to tell you - I LOVE AVON! like LOOOOOOOVE them!!! i was converted a few years back. their products are fabulous, especially the bath and body stuff.

the naturals lotions smell yummy and work wonderfully. the pedicure line (foot works) is luxury on the cheap. I love their shampoo and conditioner so much i buy the stuff in bulk. they also have a hair mask - to die for! all my girlfriends are hooked. oh - and theres a color changing mask that rocks(!) and only takes 5 minutes. not to mention their skin-so-soft line - a classic - which not only moisturizes but also repells mosquitos.

the make-up is just as good. ive got one of the quads - love. their brushes are almost as good as bare esscentuals (and SO much cheaper). and their neutral lip liner is perfect. like - perfect. the lip glazes are a little goopy, but the colors are great. and they make a lip balm - moisture therapy - that i cannot live without. OH - and Mark sells a lipstick that i adore called "mmmh-hmm". it's one of those perfect browns...

i very rarely have a problem with any of their products. some of their perfumes are a bit heavy for my taste, but most of my friends love them.

and as if i havent raved enough already, the BEST thing about avon is the SALES.... they have sickass crazy sales, all the time! once you get an account with them (just by making a purchasing and registering with the site), youll get email notices and coupons. every few months, they offer free shipping on all orders. and sometimes they will do bulk sales - this is when you stock up. like, they will sell 5 big bottles of lotion (originally like $6 each) for $10 total. or buy 1, get one free sales, or mix and match sales, so you can try new fragrances... its all about the sales!! even just the regular sale section on the website is worth cruising regularly. and the gift bags are usually really generous. i've been rocking their sales so much this year, i already have all of my christmas shopping done.

yeah. avon rules. maybe i should be an avon lady?

blackjade said...

I've gone to both avon and mary kay parties adn I favor avon but I haven't ordered for either in a long time. I remember really loving the bug repellant lotion from avon (I know-random but it smelled and worked great). I may take a look at the avon site just for kicks; the mark line looks intriguing and the repellant will seriously come in handy during my panama trip this summer...