Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strut Your Stuff

Today's the first full day of Spring, and judging from my allergies, the Pacific Northwest is in pollination mode, despite the fact that it was 33 degrees as I drove to work this morning (brrr! thank god for my Beetle's heated leather seats!). Now is the time for us to shed our heavy, winter ways and lighten up. And just in time for the season change, Bare Escentuals has put together their Pecacock Collection.
According to their website, "Our 10-piece Peacock Collection is about the power of attraction, color as an expression of self-assurance and assertiveness designed to enhance your natural beauty and encourage self-expression of your own unique identity. You will feel alluring, elegant, captivating and unique every time you enter a room. Inside you'll find 100% pure bareMinerals in highly luminous tones, as well as other ornamental accents, like pout-plumping gloss, a lash teaser and other decorative tools to create beautiful optical effects. Only you will know it's the magic of bareMinerals turning the light on from within. "

Who couldn't use a little extra luminosity these days? This collection is loaded with great Bare Escentuals products and brushes and only costs $60 (the retail value is $168). I deem this a worthy investment as you update your look for the Spring.

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