Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Thoughts on ANTM

It's no surprise that I'm hooked on America's Next Top Model, my guilty pleasure. Last night was the makeover episode--one of the better moments in ANTM world. I love seeing the before and afters. It just reaffirms what I've already known--hair and makeup can change the world!

As I watched the girls get glammed up, I had some revelations--I realized I was sick and tired of seeing some things. So here they are--the 5 things ANTM could use less of:
  1. Phony drama. Do we have to endure any more bitch fights? Honestly--it's like watching Mean Girls without the humor. And why do the girls have to freak out about getting their hair done or posing nude? They're models, after all--it's what they DO. Quit your crying and pose, damn it!
  2. Smoking. I live in the Seattle area, a place where smoking is almost as taboo as voting Republican (and believe me, I am not complaining about that). So it's shocking for me to see a pack of pretty, young women puffing away as if it were normal. I hate to sound like a whacked-out anti-smoking zealot, and I realize that smoking is part of the fashion world. But do we have to see it? Eating disorders are often part of the modeling world too, but would the CW execs show the girls puking after each meal? I think not.
  3. Product placement. You know things are out of hand when there is a commercial for a commercial! Yet, there it is week after week--the ad that says "Stay tuned for Cover Girl's Life as a Super Model commercial." Ummm....what? Stay tuned for a commercial? When I am watching a show filled with not-so-subtle hints that I should be buying Cover Girl makeup and reading Seventeen magazine? Enough already! The product placement bits are so bizarre and awkward and they just bring the show down.
  4. Models doing their own makeup. Yikes. It's like letting little children pick out their own clothing--you know they're going to end up wearing a combo of polka-dots, plaids, and stripes. Last night the girls caked on the wrong colors of lipstick, smeared hideous (Cover Girl) eye shadow on their lids, and attempted to paint their nails--all in 60 seconds. The fashion biz is loaded with makeup artists...why in the world would you let a bunch of models paint their own faces?
  5. Renee. She's vial, insecure, and embodies everything I hated about girls in high school and college. The fake self confidence, the "I'm so mature and you're a child" attitude....oh barf. Get over yourself and try to wipe that sour look off your face.
Of course, all the things I hate about ANTM are some of the things I love. This show is a train wreck, and I'm addicted. I admit it. Hello, my name is Lydia and I'm an ANTM-aholic.


Jolene said...

I hate Renee too. But at least I can laugh at her after photo. She looks at least 40. Not the mature she was going for, I'm sure.

Cheesegirl said...

I can't stand Renee...she whines over everything! I agree ANTM has the same drama but I'm addicted! Go Brittany!

Allison Rae said...

ANTM is my addiction too. I hate Renee but I love to hate her.

I get excited every Wednesday for the trainwreck to come!

filthpunkdammit said...

as much as i hate her, renee makes a wonderful villan. we havent had a top model villan with any teeth since the all-too-insane jade. im sure renee will stick it out for a while longer. gah!

hey - any thoughts about the whole dead girl photo shoot??

it didn't bug me any (cause it's top model and everything they do is stupid and hilarious). but apparently some women's groups got really offended. i can understand them taking issue with the glamorization of dead women. but at the same time, it's frickin' top model... i've seen worse in elle magazine. heck, madonna did a similar style ad for versace like 15 yrs ago and no one said a word. did that particular photo shoot bother any of you??

Lydia said...

Ooh..I loved the dead girl photos and they didnt bother me in the least. But, you have to remember that i am a former goth girl, so i like stuff like that. Its just the world of fashion and modeling--looking for a political or anti-woman message in those photos is pushing it a bit in my humble opinion.