Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lips Like Sugar

What look are you going for when you apply lipstick or gloss? Are you looking for a pretty color with a sexy amount of shine? I know I want my lips to feel slick and look shiny and perfectly tinted after I slide on my favorite lipstick. So, why on earth would I want to dust my mouth with something that will result in matte-looking, powdery lips?

According to Revlon, the "I've been eating too many powder donuts and have sugar stuck to my lips" look is hot, hot, hot. They have a limited edition product on the market called Sugar Sugar to achieve this powdered sugar pout. Basically, after you put your normal lipstick on, you dab their "lip topping" over your mouth and viola! Instant beauty.

I'm not buying what Revlon's selling when it comes to Sugar Sugar. Not only do I hate the "desired outcome", but I also hate the fact that you have to lug around a lipstick and the lip topping. It seems too high maintenance for me. I usually love Revlon (they don't test on animals, their products are decent, especially for the price), but I'm just not digging their line of limited edition products. Hopefully they'll be off the shelves soon!

What do you think of this product? Do you want your lips to look like powdered sugar, or am I missing something here?


Michelle said...

ok.. looks good on model. Will look stupid on me. My beloved will ask " What the hell do you have on your lips?" Then I will not get as many kisses as I wish. Can't have that. Another question had popped up in mind mind is.. ok we all know that when you wear lipstick.. you consume lipstick. So If we have this crap on our lips with the lipstick.. will we have sparkly poop? Sorry I had to laugh.

Lydia said...

HA!! Sparkly poop--i never thought of that!