Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feeling Blue?

In the latest edition of Life and Style Weekly magazine (out on newsstands now), their beauty editors have declared blue finger nails as a current trend. See the pictures above of Eva Mendes sporting gothy, dark blue nails, perfectly manicured and on the short side (thank god--can you imagine super long blue talon nails?).

What do you think of this trend? Is blue the new black? (Sorry, had to say it!) I kind of like it, though I'd reserve this look for the winter. I'm so over dark nails right nail and am just dying for springtime and fun pinks!

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Michelle said...

MY Best Bud Erin, LOVES Dark Blue nail polist.. on her toes. I bought her a bottle because it was cool, it is made by Cover Girl and I gforgot the name of it, but the way I see it.. hell.. why not. But on YOUR toes!! What we like to do in So.Cal is get the dark color then have them paint flowers in white. The ladies at the salon have all these neat tricks and they paint these beautiful flowers and then accent with a tiny bit of yellow or pink.. to give the white flowers depth.. they get really creative and after that it looks like you have Cameo Toes.