Saturday, March 17, 2007

Even Greek Gods Could Use a Shave

Ok, so 300 is tops at the box office and people are saying it's an amazing movie. Because I'm such a nice wife (not really--it's more like because my husband puts up with me and my craziness) I took my husband to see 300 last weekend. To be honest, I was totally unimpressed. I had a hard time staying awake through the movie, but the sheer quantity of well chiseled men in nothing but leather undies kept me mildly interested. (My co-worker refers to guys like this as "tasty man morsels"--a great description!)

Even though the 3oo were slaughtered and Sparta is now nothing more than the name of zillions of cheesy restaurants, it got me thinking about the contributions of the ancients on our beauty routines. It also reminded me of a great product I bought my husband for Christmas: Korres Brushless Shave Cream (about $30 at Sephora).

Like most men, my husband hates to shave. Like most men, he doesn't think too much about taking care of his skin. But, like most men, he does appreciate being pampered and taken care of. I gave him this shave cream as a way of making a mundane task a little more special. He promptly took the bottle up to the bathroom where I thought it would stay, unused, for months. I was surprised when he emerged from the bathroom freshly shaved, his skin smooth and yummy smelling. He loves this shave cream, and it leaves his skin so soft--I love it, too!

So, if you want to give your own personal Greek (or not Greek) god a little gift you'll both benefit from, pick up a bottle of this stuff. It lasts forever and will keep things smooth!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the warning, my boyfriend want to see t his film and I am like.,, uh Honey.. if you want.. but I am not sure if it si a good idea. People Magazine gave it 1 1/2 stars. I think this woul dbe the movie that women, let their men go see and will accomapny them to this movie, but none of us female fantales are going to enjoy it.