Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Shades of Venom

What is it? According to the manufacturer, DuWop, "these high shine, moisturizing lip colors are infused with the same spicy, tingly taste and feel of Lip Venom." Available in four colors. Sold in department stores and at Sephora and for $18.00.

What did you think? I adore Lip Venom, the spicy, tingly clear gloss that gives lips a bee stung look. The only problem with Lip Venom is that it doesn't provide a whole lot of color to the lips (it's also sticky, but that's to be expected with a gloss), so I love the fact that DuWop has made a product that combines the cinnamon-spice of Lip Venom with a little bit of color. And in a lipstick form--that's a plus. I tried out Azalea, a shimmery nude-pink shade that was very flattering, if not a bit too natural! Maybe next time I'll try something darker.

Shades of Venom goes on just like any normal lipstick. The only difference is that after a few minutes, the familiar tingly bite of Lip Venom makes itself apparent. Just like Lip Venom, Shades of Venom gave my lips a pretty, full shape. There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about Shades of Venom.

The final verdict?
As a lipstick junkie, my tube of Shades hasn't made it to my top 5 go-to colors yet, but that's just a matter of my own fickle nature. Ask me again in a week and I might tell you that I wouldn't go anywhere without Shades of Venom. There are a lot of good lipsticks on the market, many of which are cheaper than Shades. Shades of Venom is a decent product for people who are Lip Venom fans. I wish DuWop offered more than just four colors of Shades of Venom...maybe they'll work on that.

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