Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ask Lydia: The Right Red for a Fair Face

Hey Lydia!

i have to say, i LOVE your website! i, too, am obsessed over make up (and shoes). make up makes my heart skip a beat. although my obsession leads me to finding new and interesting products, there is one area in particular that i am having trouble with and was wondering if you could help. i am fair complected and can't seem to find a shade of lipstick that doesn't make me look like a trashy corner walker. ultimately, i would like to find a lipstick that gives me a hint of a pinched look. not too bare, not too crazy. i would like it to be versatile for both day and night. have any suggestions??? thanks for your time and have a great day!!!

Thanks for your message! I'm a fair complected gal as well, so I totally know what you mean about reds that don't work. You have two options: either embrace your inner Gwen Stefani or try to find a different shade of red that's more flattering.

For an everyday look, I use Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It's a very sheer color that gives a plum-red stained look that's not too hooker-esque. I've also tried Clinique's gloss version of Black Honey, and it makes my lips looks super shiny and much darker red. You may also want to consider a winey red-tinted lip balm for an every day alternative.

With your fair skin, the best thing you can do is avoid yellow or orange based reds. They would look way wrong with your coloring. You might also want to click here for one of my earlier posts about picking the right red, and refer to the color chart I snagged from Real Simple magazine for specific brands and colors that you may want to consider.

Right now, Cover Girl has a whole line of lipsticks that are supposed to match 97% of the skin tones out there. The line is called TruShine lip color and when you go to the store, the lipsticks are displayed according to the appropriate skin tone. The fair complexion colors range from a boring pink to a pretty wine-based red. You may want to give one of these a try.

Good luck and let me know what color you end up with.

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