Monday, February 26, 2007

What is It and Why Do I Need It? Tourmaline Hair Dryers

If you've ever been in the market for a new hairdryer (and it seems like I am often in need of a new one due to operator error and blatant abuse), you know that prices vary wildly and that some claim they have something called tourmaline in them. So what the heck is it and do you need to invest in a hair dryer with it?

Tourmaline (pronounced tur-muh-LEEN) is a type of stone that dries hair faster and adds shine. According to Sephora,
tourmaline is "highly prized by those in the know, and is referred to as the "electric stone"—when it's heated up or under pressure, its unique molecular structure converts nearby atoms into negative ions. Luckily for everyday stylers, these negative ions speed up the evaporation process to help dry the hair in half the time. This, combined with the penetrative yet gentle infrared heat waves, converts dry, brittle, and frizzy into unbelievably smooth, silky, and shiny."

Basically, if you are a frequent heat dryer or heat styler, you may want to consider purchasing tourmaline tools to help protect your hair from the more damaging typical ultra-hot hair dryers.

But do you need to shell out a pretty penny to benefit from tourmaline's properties?

Not necessarily. Good Housekeeping magazine tested several different tourmaline hair dryers ranging in price from $29.99 to $300.00. Each dryer was judged on a series of criteria, including drying time, frizz output, noise level, and overall performance. Based on their testing, Good Housekeeping recommended the cheapest dryer, Revlon's Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Hair Dryer. Click here for more about Good Housekeeping's tests with tourmaline dryers.

I don't know that I really understand all the nuances of the technology behind them (science has never been my best subject), but tourmaline dryers and styling tools may be a hair saver. And since you don't need to buy the most expensive model to benefit from it, it's worth buying a tourmaline tool next time you're in the market.


Serendipity said...

okay, so like you i abuse the hell out of my hair dryers. however that said, the one i have still runs just fine. i now just WANT a new dryer! :) the one i have already does the negative ion thing, will buying a tourmaline dryer really be any different???

Lydia said...

Supposedly. I have an ion dryer right now too (got it free from ulta) but the tourmaline is supposed to take it up a notch. the one i mentioned (the revlon) is a good bet because of its price. cheap hair dryers are about $20, so why not cough up $10 more for a good housekeeping seal of approval winner dryer? its worth a shot. you can get it from and have it shipped to you, so no need to waste gas! :) let me know if you try it. and by the way, what's up with us destroying hair dryers? weird!