Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring Forward!

Even though this has been a cold, snowy winter, spring is (thankfully) just around the corner. Everywhere I look, I see the pastels of Easter products. Though I don't celebrate Easter, all those bunnies and eggs are a welcome sign since they signify warm, sunny days ahead.

Spring is the time to think about lightening, ditch your gothy black fingernails and try something new. According to Allure magazine, here are the 8 beauty trends for spring 2007:
  • Hot Pink Lips: Steer clear from overly glossy pinks and instead choose a matte, hot, bright pink (if you're skin tone can pull it off). Allure recommends Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid paired up with Carousel Coral nail polish from Essie. You can't get much further from Chanel's Black Satin than this!
  • Cobalt Blue Eyeshadow: Steer clear of the light, powdery and frosty baby blues and instead embrace darker shades like cobalt and sapphire for a smoky look that provide a surprising amount of depth. One word of caution: reserve this look for the evening, and be sure to keep the rest of your face (i.e., lips and cheeks) rather subdued. Wearing any deep, dark color during the day looks really weird--trust me. I've seen it done and it's never a good thing.
  • Coral Blush: I so agree with Allure on the fact that coral is a great brightener. Just be sure to go for a coral with peachy tones, not red ones. Try this out for a soft, bright, refreshed look.
  • Gold Lipstick: Unlike the hot pink lipstick mentioned above, if you opt for gold, be sure to have a sheer shade that has just a touch of shine. Just be sure not to get too crazy--gold glittery lips are not attractive! Allure suggests Chanel's Rouge Allure Lipstick in Luminous.
  • Red Lipgloss: Add a bit of shine to a classic standby! Minimize color on the rest of the face (except for a bit of black mascara) and try a high gloss lipstick for a sexy, shiny red lip. According to Allure, you should check out Cover Girl's TrueShine Lipcolor in Fire Shine.
  • Platinum Eyeshadow: Heavy metals are in for the spring, but it's time to move away from the dark side and instead lighten up! You can create a sultry eye without all that smoke. Instead, try a silver shadow swept up either to the brow or just over it. Finish the look with black eyeliner and mascara.
  • Pastels and Soft Pinks: A hint of "baby pink" on the cheeks and lips creates a slightly flushed but healthy look. Opt for light colors that will create a soft and pretty look.
  • Violet Eyeliner: According to Allure, lining the eyes with a shade of violet creates a romantic look. I've done this in the past, and I like the unexpected hint of color. Brown and black liners are great, but they get a little, well, boring. Violet is surprisingly neutral and really gives a great look.
Allure has a ten page spread on their picks for spring 07 in their March edition (Michelle Pfeiffer is on the cover). Pick up a copy for Allure's full list of color picks and to see what their makeup artists pulled together for the upcoming season.

What do you think of their picks? Do you plan to alter your makeup look with the change of seasons?


Anonymous said...

i dont change my make-up routine a whole lot with the season, but i do like to take the time to do a little spring cleaning on my make-up kit..throw away old stuff, buy new. i guess one thing i do for the spring is put away the really dark nail polish and lip stick. it just doesnt seem right to wear such dark colors in the spring/summer!

Michelle said...

ACTUALLY! I was reading in the bauty section ( I was looking for some insparation and I had learned that Platnum nail polish is in along with plum smoky eyes.

I have yet to find a plum I shadow that I like. it just makes me look so tired all the time. But I will continue to work on it ;)

But yes. The Brittish have said that silver and plum is defonatly in.

They also made note to baby pastel nail polish, like baby blue and ice pink.

But I like bright pink nails for the summer. I do have some silver nail polish that I would like to try out before it get's too sunny.

I can't find the article right now, but if I stuble across it, I will let you know.

Michelle said...

ps. key board still broken at work.

Lydia said...

I've used a plum colored eyeshadow from ulta (their brand) that was actually pretty good...PLUS it was inexpensive (gotta love that!).

Glad to know that the US is in step with the UK on beauty trends!

Bring on the spring and summer!! :)

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