Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oops, I Did It Again

How many times have you applied your makeup only to realize your colors are a bit, um, off? It's so frustrating to find your lipstick is too orange or your foundation is too dark. Here's how to fix some common makeup problems:
  • Lipstick that's just a little too bright: If you need to turn down the volume on your lipcolor, try muting it with a pale, shimmery lipgloss. You can also nip the color problem in the bud by lightly lining and filling in your lips with a chocolatey lipliner before applying your super-bright color.
  • Lipstick that leaves you blue: If your lipstick has too much blue in it for your taste, try warming up the color with a touch of bronzer after you apply your lipstick. Top your lips off with clear gloss or balm to seal everything up and blend it all in.
  • Lipstick that's way too orange/brown: Cool down overly orange or brown colors with a layer of violet or purple lipgloss. You'll also get a nice shine out of the additional application.
  • Eye shadow that's a bit too intense: So you love ultra-bright pink eyeshadow (yikes!) but you don't want to look like you have pink eye? Try this: first dust translucent powder over your lids, then apply the eye shadow using a brush (not that horrid foam applicator thing), and finish off with a final dusting of the translucent powder.
  • Eye shadow that's too shimmery: Glittery shadow can make you look like a disco ball. Not good. To de-dazzle a shimmery shadow, first apply loose powder to your lids, then a matte color similar to the glittery one, then apply your shimmery shade. There! All better.
  • Foundation that's too dark for your skin: Lighten up your foundation color by mixing it with your every day moisturizer. This way your color is less intense and you skin is beautifully moisturized in one quick step.
These are just a few hints for fixing makeup faux pas. If you have a favorite secret, leave me a comment!

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