Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chocolate and Roses for Valentine's

Valentine's Day is upon us, and while a box of chocolates may taste good and a dozen roses may look good, neither has lasting power. Instead, try a few chocolate and rose inspired goodies:

  • Demeter Pick Me Up Fragrance in Chocolate Chip Cookie, $19. Everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through is stomach, so this tasty smelling perfume may just make him drool and to cause his heart to flutter. This is a fun, inexpensive confection that is much easier on the waistline than a box of truffles.
  • Too Faced Beauty Balm in Chocolate Bunny, $11. For ultra-sexy, kissable lips this Valentine's, try this chocolate-scented nude lip balm. Its light formula keeps lips moisturized, looking healthy, and satin-smooth feeling. Yum!
  • Melt Chocolate Body Fondue by Booty Parlor, $12. With this product, you'll never have to decide which is better: sex or chocolate. Instead, just combine the two! Grab a spoon, some fruit, some sheets you don't care about, and this gourmet goodie for a sweet, seductive, unforgettable evening.
  • Fresh Rose Face Mask, $55. This "is a hydrating and toning face treatment that leaves the skin rejuvenated and relaxed. It is infused with crushed rose petals that melt into the skin when applied to the face, helping to retain moisture and tighten pores." Bonus: no thorns!
  • Vera Wang Fragrance, $45-$85. This soft floral-scented perfume adds hints of rose--what could smell better? Nothing is more personal than a gift of perfume, and this one is a classically pretty scent.
  • A-Rose at Dawn...Broke By Noon by OPI, $7. Paint your fingers and toes a romantic rosy hue. This frosty nail lacquer will make you smile when you think of your Valentine. And at $7, you won't break the budget with this beauty.

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