Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Teamed Up Shadow Collection

What is it? Bare Escentual's Teamed Up Eye Shadow collection is "an all star line up of four distinctive BareMinerals eye color textures. (Use it to) create a highly-stylized, multi-dimensional look. The four textures work together as one to create a winning combination of rich, layered color. The team consists of: Explore Soft Focus Eye Shadow (soft warm brown) for a sheer wash of color, Cocoa Eye Shadow (chocolate brown) for a slightly darker, opaque wash, Nude Beach Glimmer (light warm ivory) for a multi-faceted glisten, and Bark Liner Shadow (dark brown) to provide a deeply-pigmented frame for the eyes." Available at Sephora for $42.

What did you think? The four colors in this collection are beautiful. The dark liner and the lighter complimenting shades are very attractive, and really set off my blue eyes. I don't typically like wearing tons of eye colors at once, but this set does allow for some mixing and matching if you only want to wear a shade or two. The mineral-based eye shadow doesn't feel heavy like some shadows, and has a shimmery quality that adds just the right amount of sparkle.

There is a downside, though. It might just be me, but it seems like these shadows flake a bit when I applied them. It could be that I didn't "swirl and tap" quite enough, but my cheeks had a faint dusting of shadow on them after brushing on the shadow (god, I hate that!). Also, because there are so many colors, I find I don't have time to apply this product for my everyday look. Instead, I save this for occasions when I have more time to fuss with my makeup.

The final verdict? Like all Bare Escentual products I've tried, this shadow collection is very high quality. I love the colors, but I hate the time it takes to apply this product. If you're looking for an everyday shadow collection, I'd certainly pick something else. But if you have the time and the money, you'll appreciate Teamed Up.

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