Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Bumble and bumble Gentle Shampoo

What is it? According to their website, Bumble and bumble's Gentle Shampoo is "a luxurious shampoo that moisturizes and shines as it gently cleanses--a must for dry, colored, permed, or over-styled hair. Avocado oil moisturizes while Nettle Extract acts as a natural tonic and astringent." Available at salons, price depends on size, but plan to spend about $20 or so.

What did you think? I recently got my hair cut and partially foiled. After spending a pretty penny on my platinum-y highlights, I didn't want to wash the color down the drain. My colorist recommended this shampoo and I've been using it every other day as instructed. You only need to use a tiny bit of shampoo to get a nice, full lather (this is a big bonus since it's kind of expensive and I am usually cheap with my hair products). Plus it smells great and leaves my hair clean, easy to style, and feeling great. So far my color hasn't faded or washed out one bit, so it seems to be doing exactly what it's supposed to.

Final verdict? I am officially hooked! I can't imagine shortchanging my hair by using the cheap stuff again--at least not while I can afford it and while I need to work on preserving my color! Unlike the Jonathan Product Conditioner I wrote about a while ago, I don't resent having spent the money on this product because it feels like I'm using a higher end product. If you have colored hair or need a lightweight, gentle shampoo, you should check out this product. Your hair will thank you.

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