Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot

So, as I mentioned, I went shooting for the first time in my now 31 years. Though I was admittedly a little (ok, a lot) nervous, I managed to blow through a bunch of rounds with a (not so) cute Glock 9mm. With shooting, as in life, I tend to pull to the left. But I did manage to repeatedly shoot my target right in the chest, though apparently my preferred place to hit was the elbow or the armpit (ouch!). It was an interesting experience, and I must admit that I loved it! I can't wait to go again and try out other guns. Yikes...what have I become?

As is the case in almost every situation, there are beauty products that are perfectly tailored for a day at the gun range. And the next time I go, I'll have to try some of these out--most notably:
  • Pistol Packin' Pink by OPI. I'm sure that having my nails painted with OPI's pretty, springtimey pink would really make them look nice next to the dull black metal of my 9mm as I squeeze off a round or two. I already own this color, and it's a very feminine, girly shade. I love OPI--just like Ben and Jerry's ice cream (gotta love the Chubby Hubby!) they always have the best names for their products.

  • Urban Ammo Eye Palette by Urban Decay. Here's what Sephora had to say about this little kit: "Covered in touchable, matte black paper, the compact features a mesmerizing assortment of UD elements - animals, hearts, skulls, and flourishes - gently wafting from a pistol in overlapping textures of violet metallic foil and rich velvety flocking. Upon opening the kit, you're met with endless eye options: 10 best-selling shadows are arranged as five sets of coordinating duos, running the gamut from subtle to sexy. The slim case is complete with a perfectly sized mirror, applicators, and a magnetic closure, so it's sure to stay closed in your handbag." I knew I could rely on Urban Decay to have a set of eye shadows that would look great under a pair of shooting goggle thingys! Who could resist colors like Smog, Polyester Bride, Mildew, or Oil Slick?
You don't have to be a gun nut or (like me) up for spending a day with a bunch of scary men at a gun range to enjoy these two products. Check them out for an update to your everyday look, and you'll be right on the mark!


Serendipity said...

Im so happy you had a good time at the gun range! I told you it was fun! totally reminds me of american beauty "I LOVE THIS GUN!"

Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!

Lydia said...

It was GREAT!! I had no idea I would like it so much! There was a girl next to me who was WAAAAAY worse than I was, she hit the binder clip that held her target and somehow managed to hit the pipes above us. Wow. She was a bit scary. I can't wait to go again! :)