Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's the Buzz?

Booty Parlor, a company I mentioned before on my blog, has the cutest, most discrete little adult toys on the market. What looks like nail polish, mascara, or lipstick (depending on the model) is actually a small, bullet-shaped travel vibrator with variable speeds and a quiet motor. These little toys promise the utmost discretion--no one will know what you've got stashed away in your purse or travel bag unless you tell them. These vibes sell for $28 and promise more pleasure than you can usually get out of a "beauty" product. Too cute!


Michelle said...

Knowing my luck. Homeland Security wuld accuse e of attempting a 'terroistic act' with my vibrator. Just because it was in my purse.

Did you know that Homeland Secuirty will not allow us to bring our cell phones or iPod's on the damn plan now?! I hope the lift this act.

The constant stupidty is iving me a headache.

But kudos to Booty Parlor! Vute stuff!

Michelle said...

ps. Keyboard sucks. I am ot THAT poor in spelling.

Serendipity said...

I will be checking this out yet again. how handy to have right there in your purse....just in case you need it out and about....hmmmmmm a whole new realm of possibilites