Tuesday, January 30, 2007

G'Day, OPI

Next Wednesday, OPI will be launching its newest collection for this spring and summer, their Australia collection. Now, unlike most Americans, I don't share a fascination with all things Australian. I don't eat at the Outback, I don't drink Foster's lager, I loathe Vegemite, and (since I lived in England once upon a time) I have experienced first hand the horror that is Australian soap operas. So consider me unimpressed with OPI's Australia line. Their colors range from somewhat sublte and attractive (Canberra't Be Without You) to overly bright and too 80s-esque (Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It and Koala Bear-y). I'll have to wait to see these shades in person, but for now, I'm skeptical. We'll see!

*Note: Since this collection has not launched yet, OPI does not have them up on their site. To view all the colors, click here.

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