Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Duo

What is it? According to their website, Smashbox's signature Cream Eye Liner "doesn’t tug like a pencil, flake like a powder or run like a liquid. This top-selling putty will easily outlast 10 pencils. This Cream Eye Liner Duo houses two shades for multi-colored eye definition. Dries in 60 seconds and provides smudge-proof coverage that lasts all day." Available in 3 different duos at Sephora, Ulta, and department stores for $24.00. (Smashbox also has a ton of fun cream eye liner colors worth a look if you're so inclined.)

What do you think? Santa left me a "starter" box of Smashbox products under the Christmas tree, and this Cream Eye Liner Duo was part of the package. It came with Smashbox's #9 eye liner brush--a must have tool for using this product.

The first time I tried this out, I was hooked! I hate using an eye pencil because they tend to break or go on in a herky-jerky manner. I've never been a liquid eyeliner type of girl...I was never that much of a metal chick. I do use my eye shadow as a liner, though Smashbox is right--they do seem to flake out a bit.
This cream eye liner was a refreshing change of pace. It's easy to apply, and you can make it as dramatic (heavy) or subtle (light) as you want. It also helps define the lash line, and the brush really makes application and control a snap. Once on, the cream eye liner stays put, and it really looks nice since it defines the shape of the eye so well. Even though this costs $24, I think it's a good deal--you only use a tiny bit at a time, so it will last forever in your makeup case.
The only bad thing about this product is that I find removal a bit tough. All I can say is thank god for my eye makeup remover test!

The final verdict? This is my new favorite eye liner. Whipping out a little pot of cream and a brush sure beats hunting down my pencil, pencil sharpener, and then having to deal with smudges and splotches. My eyes have been opened (sorry for any unintended pun) to a better way of dealing with eye liner, and that way is cream!
*Note: Other cosmetics companies also make cream eye liners in all sorts of colors--check out Cargo, Clinique, and Lorac, to name a few.

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