Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Almost Lipstick

What is it? Clinique's Almost Lipstick in cult fave Black Honey is "Not quite lipstick, not quite lip gloss but works like a little of each. Looks sleek, moist." Available at department stores and online for about $14.

What did you think? I used to wear Black Honey a million years ago, but completely forgot about it until recently. Thankfully, my husband was able to pick me up a couple of tubes for Christmas so I could get "reacquainted" with it (it was constantly sold out at my local Macy's and Nordstroms during the holidays).

Almost Lipstick is exactly what it says it is: a combination of lipgloss and lipstick. The slender, silver tube is compact and pretty, and allows for quick application. Almost Lipstick glides on easily, leaving lips feeling moist and supple--not sticky, like some glosses. Though Black Honey looks really dark in the tube, the actual color you get is a lighter but no less rich plumy shade. It's not too shiny, not too matte. It's flattering, natural looking, and feels great on.

The only negative thing I can say about Almost Lipstick is that it doesn't last long. You'll need to reapply on a regular basis to keep your color fresh. This is only a minor irritation in my humble opinion.

The final verdict? Almost Lipstick, also available in a lighter and pinker shade called Almost Blush, is a purse essential for me. When all else fails, I can go to my Black Honey to perk up my face a bit. Products like this achieve cult status for a reason, and this is no exception. Black Honey would look great on almost any skin type, feels like a dream, and is worth every one of this measly $14 it costs to pick up. If you want a subtle shade you'll love to wear, this is the lipstick for you.

*Final note: If you're a devotee of Black Honey, try a tube of Clinique's Glosswear in the shade. My husband got me one, and it's gorgeous! It's a bit shinier and lighter than the Almost Lipstick and is a must-have for gloss addicts!

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely addicted to this stuff, but I disagree that the glosswear is good. I found it far too garish. I prefered the almost lipstick for sure.