Wednesday, January 03, 2007

About Face

So, you want to undergo a make over this new year? Before you go for a drastic overhaul, consider one of these quick changes instead. You'd be amazed by the impact a small change can have on your look:
  • Buck the trends. Sure, everyone may seem preoccupied with hunting down the ultimate red lipstick or nabbing a coveted bottle of Chanel's Black Satin nail polish, but why be a follower? As a former goth girl, it kills me to say this, but rebel by lightening up a bit. Try out a pretty pink lipstick like Laser Pink from Chanel, $25 or Love That Pink from Revlon, $8. Or, ditch that nail staining dark polish and go with a happy, bright pink like Opi's Dancin In the Isles, $7.50.
  • Try a different neutral palette. I have gone through tons of brown toned eyeshadow in my's so versatile and flattering. If, like me, you're guilty of overdoing the brown a bit, it might be time to try out a new neutral: gray. Pick up Bare Escentual's Meet The Stones eye kit. For $32, you'll get three gorgeous and easy to apply eye shadows in shades like dove gray, smoky slate and steel gray. You'll also get a new look that you'll love.
  • Really ready for a change? Turn up the volume on color. If you're looking for something fun for the evenings, consider adding unexpected color to your eyes. Try one of Urban Decay's liquid eyeliners, $14. With names like Chains, Shattered and Speed, their colorful liners will give your eyes a kick. Or test out a vibrant eyeshadow from L'Oreal's High Intensity Pigment eyeshadow line, $8 or Cancan or Twisted from Nas, $21. Just remember--if you play up your eyes, tone down your lips (and vice versa). One final tip about adding a lot of color to your face--remember the famous words of Blondie's Rip Her to Shreds: "Red eyeshadow, green mascara. Yuck, she's too much." If it was too much then, you know it's too much now!
Have fun with your make-up and keep 'em guessing by shaking things up a bit this year.

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