Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Gift Idea: Stocking Stuffers

I love stocking stuffers--to me they're often the most exciting party of the holidays. Stockings always seem to house great little gifts that you really need but would never buy for yourself. Here are some ideas for beautiful stockings stuffers this year:

Champagne Taste: Luxurious Stocking Stuffers
  • Lola Go Lightly II, $40.00: This is a really cool all-in-one kit containing 10 eyeshadow colors, 5 lipstick options, 2 blushes, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, a mini tube of mascara, and three applicators all in a compact, white slide out case. This is an amazingly portable little stocking stuffer--kind of like a Swiss army knife full of high quality cosmetics. Lovely!
  • Bliss Jingle Bell Socks, $48.00: These therapeutic socks will keep your feet soft and callous-free all winter long, without getting lotion all over everything. They have a special gel polymer lining that pampers dry skin and rough feet. Sure, you could throw on some cream and heavy socks, but these seem like more of a treat!
  • Fresh Sugarbath Brown Sugar Body Polish, $62.50: Talk about luxury! This is sugar-based body scrub gently exfoliates the skin without stripping away vital moisture. The sugar and oils combine to create a bath experience that will stimulate and pamper. Who could ask for more?
  • Fresh Creme Ancienne, $250: Think almost $63 is outrageous for a body scrub? How about $250 for a face and body cream? If this is in your stocking, someone really loves you! Here's what Sephora says about this ultra-lux product: "Creme Ancienne combines rosewater, beeswax and borax with modern day ingredients like chamomile wax, meadowfoam oil and vitamin E. In order to preserve the legacy, craftsmanship, and spirit of this formulation, small batches are prepared entirely by hand in a monastery, with each jar taking up to two days to produce." Wow.
Coca Cola Budget: Sensible but Fun Stocking Stuffers
  • Philosophy Candy Cane Lip Shine, $10.00: This yummy gloss melts into the lips and gives a great holiday-flavored kiss to any lucky recipient. Who can resist a candy cane striped lip gloss? Not me!
  • Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara, $3.50: If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I am a Great Lash devotee. Yes, I know there are a million other (and maybe better) mascaras out there, but for the money, I adore Great Lash. And as a gift, the blackest black version of this product is well...great. It adds a little more depth to the lashes and makes the final look a bit more special. Gift givers, you really can't go wrong with this product.
  • Revlon SuperLustrous Creme Lipstick in Wine With Everything, $7.99: Growing up I was always told that for mascara you go with Maybelline, for powder use Cover Girl, and for lipstick pick Revlon. I've used it for years, and it can hold its own against the high-end stuff. I love Wine With Everything--it's pretty, flattering, and feels great on. Not bad for a gift that costs less than $8.00!
Whether you have a lot to spend or if you need a quick, inexpensive stocking stuffer, there are tons of options out there. Make someone feel special and beautiful--give them a stocking full of great cosmetics this holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Do you have any tips for inexpensive gifts that fill a stocking better than a tube of mascara? Because while, sure, less than ten bucks for a product is great, but making a stocking bulge with $10 tubes could really make a wallet hurt.

Lydia said...

Yes it could. I suppose you could go the ultra cheap route and fill a stocking with fun colored nail polish, lipstick or eyeliners from wet n wild or e.l.f!! you won't get a lot of quality, but you could make it work if you play up their fun side.

The best way to go would be to have one or two nice products ($10 or under) mixed in with other goodies.

Christmas stockings are traditionally filled with an orange at the toe--this is an inexpensive, yummy, and vitamin packed treat that will take up quite a bit of space.

Other more inexpensive items a glamor girl might love:
*Vaseline: takes up a lot of space, costs less than $3, and has a number of uses.
*Emery boards: less than $2 and always needed.
*Pumice stone: less than $4--keeps winter feet nice and soft!
*Nail polish remover: this is less than $3 (depending on the brand you buy) and again, always useful.
*Samples. Check the bins near the check out at Sephora for samples of really great, expensive products. Some cosmetics companies give samples away for free (Clinique gives out free samples of their 3-step facial cleansing products. Trail sizes are great stocking stuffers.
*When all else fails, pick up her favorite candy bar and add it to the stocking.

Hope this helps. Stocking gifts don't have to be expensive, but to me, they are always a lot of fun!