Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Love Freebies!

While watching TV the other night, I saw a commercial for Clinique's 3-step facial cleaning system. At the end of the ad, they said Clinique counters were giving out free 7-day samples of their system.

Did someone say free?

I just so happened to be at the mall today, so I stopped in at the Clinique counter inside Macy's and asked the salesperson if they were still giving away samples. Of course the answer was yes. All I had to do was answer a few questions about my skin and I was on my way with my bag of goodies. Now, I know the salesperson thought I was a complete idiot, but hey...what do I care?

I'll be using my freebies over the next few days and will report back with my findings. Clinique's 3-step system is up against some steep competition from my Philosophy Purity Made Simple. But, if anything could get me to switch, it just might be Clinique.

More later...

1 comment:

mjude said...

i have used clinique forever & i do love it. the only thing i am not crazy about is the clarifying lotion, to much alcohol in it. i tried using the mild but it still made my skin to dry.