Monday, November 13, 2006

How to Wear Dark Nail Polish

Unless you are living under a rock, you know by now that dark nail polish is a beauty must this fall and winter. But what is the best way to wear this trend? Here are my tips:
  • Keep your nails short. You don’t need to have long, sharp talons to make this look work.
  • Though nails should be on the short side, they must be well shaped. Break out your emery boards or nail files, ‘cause the shape of the nail is far more important that the length (see, size isn’t everything!). Make sure all your nails have a similar shape, and keep them smooth and pretty.
  • Tend to your cuticles. While you should never cut them, you can help the appearance of your cuticles by conditioning them and pushing them back with an orange stick.
  • Protect your nails from yellowing with a quick base coat. Dark polish tends to leach down to the nails, causing some discoloration. Apply a base coat and you’ll thank me later!
  • To help prevent color from chipping at the tips, brush on a little bit of polish behind the very tip of the nail. This is a bit tricky, especially if your nails aren’t very long, but it will help—trust me!
  • Add some shine to that gorgeously dark color with a top coat. This will also help prevent chipping.
  • Remove your polish the minute you get a chip or peel. While you could touch up the chip, it’s best to just start over from scratch. Sorry!

Painting your fingernails yourself is a snap, so just follow these tips, invest in some quality products, and try one of the season’s hottest trends today. It’s amazing how a little nail polish can instantly glam you up!

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