Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Gift Idea: Make-up Brushes

Black Friday is mere hours away. If you're smart, you'll be tucked under the covers, catching up on your beauty sleep. I've gone out to hunt for great holiday deals at 5:00 am once in my life, and after surviving a line around Toys R Us that was beyond ungodly, I have decided never to partake in the Black Friday tradition again.

So, for all of you looking for a special beauty gift that doesn't require waking up at 4:30 am to purchase, may I suggest giving the gift of make-up brushes. What makes this a good gift, you ask? Well, brushes are a beauty necessity, and high quality brushes make all the difference in the world. Since a natural hair brush can be spendy, it can be difficult for women to splurge on such items for themselves. Here are my picks--and best of all you can buy them online from Sephora:

For gals on the go:
  • Mini Pink Brush Set, $20: This tiny pink trifold includes 5 brushes: a brow/lash brush, blush brush, eyeshadow blender, crease brush, and lip brush. The set is small, so it can easily slip into a purse or glove compartment. It's bright pink makes it stand out in the messiest of purses--always a plus.
A nice, every day brush collection:
  • Sephora Vanity Brush Set, $48: My husband got me this set last year and I love it. The brushes are high quality and are great for every day use. This sumptous black faux-leather cylinder houses six essential brushes, each in their very own, customized slot. The handy snap-on, snap-off lid makes this set the perfect travel companion.
If you really want to splurge:
  • Sephora's Prestigue Brush Set, $150: For those who are really serious about make-up and know what the hell they're doing, this is the set to get. This complete collection of makeup artist-tested brushes is the ultimate in luxury, durability, and craftsmanship. Housed in a soft, faux leather case lined in ultra-suede, each of the 12 white pearl handled brushes is handcrafted from top-quality natural and synthetic fibers.
If you have more money than brains:
  • Laura Mercier Master Brush Set, $250: For this price, you damn well better be getting professional, luxurious brushes...and you are. The Master Brush Set is comprised of a faux lizard case with zipper and fourteen accompanying slots that includes the following long-handled brushes: Powder, Cheek Color, Pointed Eye Liner, Camouflage Powder, Secret Camouflage, Flat Eye Liner, Eye Color, and Angled Eye Color.
If you do give the gift of brushes, you may want to go one step further and pick up a bottle of brush cleaner for your lucky recipient.

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Serendipity said...

Lydia, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mini pink brush set you bought me! I use it every day and it makes a world of difference! THANK YOU!!!