Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Great Two For One Tool

One of my favorite tools of all time is this nifty combination brow and lash brush, available for about $5 at Sephora or Target. Why is it so great? Three reasons:
  1. It's compact and easy to store,
  2. It does a great job at brushing brows and combing lashes, and
  3. It's super cheap!
I've been using this tool for a few years now, and the lash comb alone makes it worth the $5. Having the brow brush is just an added bonus.

I love this tool so much that I made my father buy one for my mom for a stocking stuffer last Christmas. She's raved about this tool several times over the past year, so I can officially say that it's "kid tested, mother approved."

If you're looking for a compact, economical and efficient brow or lash brush, pick one of these up! You won't be sorry.

1 comment:

Serendipity said...

you crack me up! Kid tested mother approved.... :)

I need one of these! Im going to the mall this weekend, I will pick one up at Sephora while im there!