Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: Bag Balm

What is it? Vermont's Original Bag Balm Protective Ointment was originally designed for use on the farm--and I'm talking about farm animals here. "Since 1899, Bag Balm has been the farmer's friend helping keep dairy cows from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermont environment. It's like having another hand on the farm or a helper around the house. Bag Balm works hard all year round - and works well. There's nothing like the original, and that's what you get when you buy this familiar green can." Available at for about $7.00.

What did you think? I was looking for something that would keep my hands nice and soft without leaving them all greasy. This was one product recommended to me, and since I have a fondness for Vermont (I went to college there!) I thought I would give this a try. Now, admittedly, the idea of using something originally designed for a cow's udders on my own skin seemed a But I know of people who swear this product is the best, so I carried on. The green can includes instructions for using Bag Balm on farm animals and pets, but doesn't mention its application for people. I opened it up and found it to look an awful lot like Vaseline. I rubbed the thick goo into my hands and noticed it had a somewhat pleasant honey-laced medicinal scent. It went on quickly, leaving my hands feeling soft and protected, but not sticky, slimy or greasy. Just what I wanted from a hand lotion.

The final verdict? I think I'm hooked. You get a ton of this stuff for a very small price, and it really seems to work. I like that it dissipates quickly and I even kinda like its weird scent. It softens my hands and even helps moisturize my cuticles, so my nails get a bonus out of the deal. I say, if you're willing to get beyond it's intended application, this is a very decent product that is economical and efficient. Plus it could make for a decent stocking stuffer. Don't laugh this product off until you've tried it.


Serendipity said...

i used to buy this stuff like crazy! for all you parents out there, it makes a great diaper rash ointment as well!!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading in a magazine that Angelina Jolie uses this stuff to on her lips, I had to try it and now I'm hooked! Awesome lip balm, for scrapes and chapped hands too!