Friday, November 24, 2006

Ask Lydia: Skin Care Questions

Hi Lydia! I love your site; it’s great for helping people decide on what products may be good for them. I am really indecisive so it's really important for me to have a second opinion all the time! Anyway, I just have two questions for you.

What exactly is the reason why we remove our makeup at night? I mean, I always try to... but I can honestly say that there are times when I get lazy and it’s late, and I just want to go to bed!! What are the harms of that??

Also, I am in my twenties, and I have a dry t-zone and oily cheeks (I know, it's weird). Anyway, so I’ve started using Dior’s Capture Totale, as a moisturizer but I was recently told by an aesthetician that I shouldn't do so. However the people from Dior said there wasn't any harm in using the cream, but others say that it makes your skin "lazy". BUT I’ve noticed that Capture Totale has really been curing my dry skin and I love that. But is it also making my skin lazy? So should I continue using it? Or not?

Hi there! Thanks for sending in your questions. I’m glad you’re enjoying my little blog and that you’re getting some benefit from it. I hope I’m able to answer your questions…here goes!

First off, why do we remove our makeup at night? Even though I make an effort to wash my makeup off every night, there are times when I just don’t have the will to walk all the way into the bathroom to wash my face. While an occasional night of falling asleep with a full face of makeup probably isn’t the worst thing you can do to your skin, I would try to avoid doing so on a regular basis.

Though some makeup companies (like Bare Escentuals) claim their makeup is so pure you can sleep with it on, cosmetics can irritate skin and clog pores. Eye makeup worn too long could, in rare cases, cause eye infections or discomfort.

Think about it: all day long your skin is exposed to all sorts of pollutants, and whether you’re wearing makeup or not, it’s a good idea to remove all the nasty stuff that could be deposited into your pores. You wash your hands several times a day, so taking the time to wash your face twice daily shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Plus if you go to bed with a clean face, it will be easier to apply makeup the next day. If (like me) you’ve ever awoke to find impossible to remove smeared eyeliner under your eyes, you’ll be wishing you had taken a few minutes to remove your makeup.

Bottom line: not washing your face before going to bed won’t kill you, but doing so is a good habit to get in to. Plus, your pillowcases will thank me!

Should I discontinue using a product I’m happy with because an aesthetician told me it would make my skin “lazy”? I have a lot of adjectives for my skin—lazy is one I would never use! In general, if you find a product that’s giving you the desired outcome and you’re happy with it, why change what you’re using? I always take what sales girls have to say with a grain of salt since they are usually trying to push a particular product that may not be right for you. I am also leery of aestheticians telling you to stop using products you love. I always wonder what their motive might be—are they going to tell you to buy their special boutique brand? Are they trying to ensure you’ll come back for more facials?

That said, there is an argument to be made for shying away from using too many products. Moisturizers, in general, are one of the most overused products out there. Some would argue that using moisturizers and anti-aging serums decreases the skin’s production of its own natural and beneficial oils. One website even suggests doing a series of exercises to keep skin from getting lazy. Who knew?

Since you are only in your 20s, your skin may not need a ton of anti-aging products…you may just need a decent moisturizer applied only to the driest areas of your face. You’re paying a pretty penny for your Dior Capture Totale, and you may not need that much power from a product. It’s kind of like killing a fly with a sledgehammer! If you’re really concerned with lazy skin, talk to the Dior folks and see if they can recommend something a little lighter. Chances are they’ll have just what you need.

Bottom line: If you really love your product, stick with it. If you are at all concerned with using a product that might be a little more powerful than you need, look into making a change. If you do change products, give your new find at least 6 months to work its magic. And, if you are unsure what you should do, consult a dermatologist for a professional opinion.

I hope that helps and that your skin continues to be beautiful. Let me know what you do with the Capture Totale.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lydia, that was really helpful. I wanted to ask you, are you in any way affiliated with Sephora?

Lydia said...

Nope. I'm totally independent! I even have a day job working in the education field.I really am just an ordinary girly-girl who loves makeup!

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, only because I used to work for Sephora and a lot of what you say is actually the training that I went through while working there! Anyway, that's interesting. I am also in the Education field and hey, who doesn't love makeup! Its an amazing thing!