Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ask Lydia: Colored Concealers

Hey Lydia! First off, I love your blog. It's nice to have an experienced opinion before you give in (or DON'T give in) to the latest products. It's because you've proven to be so helpful that I'm asking you a question that I've been shopping around for the last couple of weeks. I've heard a lot of talk about how green concealers are the best at covering up pimples or redness. My question is: how effective are these concealers? More than the plain, old, match-your-skin tone kind? And if they really are worth a second glance, what products would you recommend?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, Katie! Thanks for your question. I was actually g
oing to do an entry on colored concealers in the coming days, so your question will help get me moving on this!

Colored concealers have been around for quite awhile. The basic premise is that in order to neutralize a color imperfection on your face, use the opposite color on the color wheel. Here are the guidelines:
  • Yellow concealers best cover up blue flaws (usually the area under the eye, if you have a facial bruise, etc.). Yellow also works for slightly red discolorations as well.
  • Lavender concealers knock out yellow discolorations and help a sallowed look. Women with darker skin tones can use lavender to conceal very dark under eye circles and dark spots.
  • Green concealers neutralize red tones and are best for use on blotches, blemishes and other wine-colored stains.
The best way to apply these concealers is to use a concealer brush. These brushes a have nice, compact head that allow you to apply your concealer almost invisibly. Once you have your concealer in place, it is best to either cover the area with foundation or a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Colored concealers promise to cover discolorations in a less obvious manner than normal concealers. You may consider using a colored concealer when you have a particularly dark or noticeable imperfection. Colored concealers can also be used to cover up tattoos, birthmarks, hickeys, or bruises better than a skin-colored concealer.

Plenty of colored concealers are on the market. Since I don't use them (I just stick with my Bare Escentuals mineral-based foundation--it seems to do the job!), I would recommend buying colored concealers from whichever brand you use for your foundation. If you want to test them out, I would recommend purchasing a less pricey brand (like Neutrogena or Physicians Formula) before going for the $38 a bottle Smashbox concealers shown above.

I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you decide to go with a colored concealer, and (if you do) what you think of it!

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