Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Warning: Danger at the Cosmetics Counter

NBC's Today Show aired a “shocking” report about the hidden germs found in make-up samples at cosmetic and department stores. Dorky science guys swabbed make-up applicators, palettes of eye shadow and tubs of lip gloss at "upscale cosemtics stores" (translation: Sephora) and they found all sorts of nasty germs, molds and bacteria living happily in this season’s latest shades. Wow! What a shock! I never knew you could get germs from sharing make-up with thousands of people! What horrifying fact are you going to tell me next? That food has calories? I better run and hide.

I hate stories like this. They fail to mention that we are surrounded by germs, molds, bacteria, and other scary things every day, and yet we somehow manage to survive. You just have to face the world with a little common sense. Even though you may get a little distracted and giddy when you go into the well-lit, perfectly organized world of Sephora, you still need to be smart about germs. Here’s how to play it safe, but still sample cosmetics to see if they’ll match your skin tone:
  • Never, ever, ever put any communal make-up product or applicator in or on your eyes or mouth. Period. Just don’t do it. If you want to try out an eyeshadow, apply it to your had to see if you like it’s feel and color. Don’t go smearing it over your lid. Want to try a lipstick? Swipe it on your hand. Don’t go into Sephora thinking you can get a make over out of those freebies. There are way too many germs to risk it. And please, never sample mascara. It's kind of like trying on a swimsuit without wearing any panties. Ick. Don’t do it.
  • Keep your fingers to yourself. Don’t go sticking your fingertips in the samples! They have cottonballs and q-tips there for a reason—use them.
  • Remove all sampled make-up from your skin before leaving the store. Sephore, UIta, and the department stores all have rubbing alcohol, eye make-up remover, and tissues around so that you can easily remove any samples from your skin. Be sure to do so. Some stores even have Purell on hand which kills germs without using soap. Perfect!

Now, go play safe and have fun!


Michelle said...

Lydia!! Love the blog!! I don't know you.. but man!!! a fellow makeup maven!!!

Good question.. if we have questions, can we post them here and have you answer them?

Basically my question is.. welll my problem is.. recently I have went 100% mineral with my make up.. but I have alot of stuff I just do not have the heart to throw out. What is the age on these make ups , like when do they expire? I need justification to let go of the past.

Thanks!! Love the blog!


ps. Have you been to Ulta?

Try Ulta.com

Ritwik Banerjee said...

I don't know a thing about make-up ..... can't tell an eyeliner from an eye-shadow or a body lotion from a hair gel.
Just found this post funny because of the paranoid reaction at the existence of germs; creatures present in the air we breathe anyway!

Lydia said...

Thanks Michelle! Glad you are liking the blog. You gave me fodder for a new entry, so thanks! :)