Saturday, October 14, 2006

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Your Hands Upon the Blush?

Ok, so I was driving to work the other day and I got behind an old piece of crap muscle car and drove in horror while the chic in front applied an entire face of make up. Yup--she dabbed on her foundation, brushed on powder, even lined her eyes and coated her lashes with mascara all while going about 40 mph. Are you kidding me? I can barely chew gum and drive at the same time (ok, so that's an exaggeration) let alone put on MASCARA! Now, to be fair, her driving skills were suffering. But I just kept wondering: can she really trace the arc of her lid with an eyeliner while driving? Did her make up end up looking all wonky?

Here's my advice: Save the make up application for where it belongs--your house. Yes, I do apply lipstick while steering, but that doesn't take as much manual dexterity as mascara or eyeliner. Come on, ladies! Get your asses up a few minutes earlier to do your make up and save us all a potential head-on. Grrr.

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Sara said...

were you driving behind me??? :) I SOOOO did this today! still adjusting to the 5:30am wake up call