Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting Untagled

Here's a funny fact: I am useless when it comes to doing my hair. Sure, I can paint my face up without any problems and I have never met a make-up product that intimidates me. But when it comes to dealing with my hair, I freeze in panic. Maybe it's because I was forced to endure hours of torture at the hands of my mother as a child: she would braid my hair and put it up into all sorts of intricate do's that hurt like hell. Whatever the reason, hair styling tools and products perplex me.

With the winter season fast approaching, it's a good time for me to at least be aware of the latest hair trends and how to pull them off. Here they are:
  • Long hair is still in. For us mere mortals, that means growing out our tresses, but if you're loaded and a supermodel, that means forking out the cash for extensions. Yup, they're still all the them or hate them.
  • Big hair is H-O-T. Think Jessica Simpson's "sex bump"--lifted roots on the top-back of the head and messy, well-tussled locks falling around the sides and back. Ah, a style even I can pull off!
  • Ponytails are always classic. Wear them high and tight or low and loose. They make your look more complete and do wonders for your bone structure. Dressing up a pony with a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic finishes it off even more. What's even better is that a pony can be totally casual or extremely elegant depending on how you pull it off.
  • Half-up styles are hip. Pull only half your hair up into a sloppy pony and let the rest fall down naturally. The result is a little softer and more casual than a regular ponytail.
  • Chignons can be lifesavers. Quick, soft, low buns are the cousin to the pony, but are a little bit dressier. Again, wear them sloppy or sleek, depending on your mood.
So all in all, hairstyles for the winter seem to be rather easy to pull off. They don't seem to be relying on a lot of exotic products or frightening tools. Overall, it seems as though the look is romantic, soft, free and natural. Maybe even I can handle a few of these looks, since no dreaded bobby pins are required!

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