Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ask Lydia, Part 2


After I wash my hair & get ready to comb it out I have been using Suave hair gel spray forever. It's cheap but I like it. I believe they are not going to sell it anymore. I don’t normally use mousse or gel cause i don’t like it on my hands. Weird I know, but the spray is just so much easier.

Any suggestions?
Thanks a bunch

I hate it when a product I adore becomes obsolete and is discontinued by its manufacturer. It happened to me a few years back when Revlon decided to “retire” a whole slew of lipstick colors, including my (then) fave: Exotica. *Sigh* At first, I felt a certain sense of betrayal and it took a little time for me to accept the cold hard reality: It was time for me to evolve and try something different.

Sadly, you are in the same shoes I once wore. You have a product you love at the perfect price, and now it may be going off the market (and I suspect you are right—there is no mention of a spray gel anywhere on Suave’s site).

Here are your options
: 1) Track down as many bottles as possible of your beloved product and use them up until they reach their expiration date, thus prolonging the inevitable, or 2) Make a switch. There are a lot of great products out there and it may be time to try some of them. And you won't even have to get your hands dirty with gels or mousses!

Go over to Drugstore.com and check out some of the products listed below.

To keep your finances happy, try:
  • Aussie Mega Spray Gel, approx $4.50. Aussie’s alcohol-free formula promises to help mend split ends & protects against humidity.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Volume Plus Spray Gel, approx. $7. Your hair will look good and so will your conscious! This spray gel will give you long-lasting, flexible hold.

If you’re feeling spendy, try:
  • Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Spray Gel, approx. $14. This product adds shine while giving strength to your 'do.
  • Bumble and bumble Styling Lotion, approx. $24 gives the perfect amount of volume and hold - excellent for heat styling fine, delicate or processed hair.
Not quite what you want, but…
You may want to consider one of TreSemme’s spray products. While they don’t offer a spray gel, they do have a heat tamer, a shine spray and a root lifter that may be worth a look. And they are cheap! Always a plus.

Good luck! I hope you are able to make a successful switch!


Anonymous said...

thanks lydia! i am going to be brave & try one of your suggestions.

wish me luck! :)


filthpunkdammit said...

i got the BEST hair gel for ya: paul mitchell super clean sculpting gel. ive been using it for the last 17 years - through every hair style imaginable - and it always works. its a bit pricey - the jumbo bottle costs about $16-20, but one jumbo bottle will last a couple of years at least. a little goes a long way. and, as advertized, your hair and hands always come clean - never greasy or waxy or crunchy - it doesnt look like you have any styling product in your hair at all...

Anonymous said...

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