Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ROC-ing Out With a New Product

Since I am on the search for a better night cream, one that will make my skin look beautiful and ageless, I am now trying Age Diminishing Moisturizing Night Cream with Soy Complex and Vitamin E by ROC (approx $15).

According to its packaging, this is supposed to reduce the signs of aging by evening out skin tone, diminishing the look of wrinkles and age spots, and improving skin firmness all while I sleep.

Well, again, I have yet to experience age spots and a lack of skin firmness on my face, but what the heck! I’m taking a preemptive strike against the dreaded signs of aging. (Yup, I guess that makes me the George Bush of wrinkles. Hmmm…I may have to rethink this) I’ve only used this product for a few days, and it really does make my skin feel soft and smooth when I have it on. I’ll keep using this for awhile and report back with my findings. If this is the fountain of youth in a bottle, I’ll be surprised, but you never know!

1 comment:

sara said...

you'll have to tell me how this works out. ive been contemplating a night cream for a while now....