Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Labor Day!

Today is the unofficial start of Autumn—my favorite season. Today is also the day when you’re supposed to pack away all your white clothing until next spring. There is some controversy over this seemingly old-fashioned rule, and there are plenty of rebels out there who think its perfectly ok to wear white year round.

I figure today is the best day to get into the whole “white after Labor Day” debate by siding on the pro-white angle. In this case, the white I am referring to is lovely pearly white teeth.

So today I’m going to start on a tooth whitening program with Crest White Strips. I’ll report on my whitening progress soon—until then enjoy the day off!

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filthpunkdammit said...

hehehe - those things really work. ive tried them in the past. but since i am a smoker & a coffee drinker, i have to do a full set about once a year. i do find, though, that they make my teeth feel a bit weird & sensative.