Monday, September 18, 2006

Don’t Let Your Hands Betray You

Women (and men) all over the world spend countless hours and unimaginable amounts of money to keep their skin looking youthful and radiant. The area of concentration, of course, is most often the face. We battle wrinkles around our mouths, in the corner of our eyes and across our foreheads with weapons ranging from chemical (i.e., facial peels) to biological (i.e., Botox). But other parts of our bodies may give away our age and undo all the effort we’ve put in to turning back the clock. In this case, I am referring to your hands.

Liverspots, age spots, whatever you call them, the brown flecks that appear on your hands as you age are benign but unattractive. Though they don’t require treatment, you may want to diminish their appearance when they pop up. Your options? Using creams containing approximately 2% hydroquinone (like Dior’s Capture Age Spot Correction Creams, SPF 15, $40) or undergoing cosmetic procedures like lasers treatments or chemical peels. Even then, spots may reappear.

The best way to treat age spots, of course, is to avoid them. Since they are the result of sun damage, you should always, always, always wear sunscreen on your hands, just like you do on your face.

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sara said...

most excellent advice!!! For some reason my hands is the one place I NEVER put sunscreen!!!