Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Does She or Doesn't She?

Oh, I do! And I don't even try to hide it. Some people go out and spend a lot of money for it, but not me. I do it alone in my bathroom. I just did it last night and let me tell you, I feel like a changed woman.

What the hell am I talking about, you wonder? Dying my hair, of course! What were you thinking?

Now, I know I probably shouldn't, but I dye my hair at home using drugstore products. My co-worker goes to the salon and gets her hair dyed an absolutely amazing shade of red every six weeks or so. I'm sure it costs a fortune, but it looks great, so it's worth it.

Me? I want what I want when I want it, which means I am too impatient to make an appointment with a colorist. I'd much rather march over to Target and spend way too much time deciding which shade of blonde I want to be at that particular moment.

I often wonder if I am doing a disservice to my hair by dying it myself. I looked it up and here are the pro's and con's to DIY-dye jobs:


  • Cost. A box of dye from a drugstore tops out at $12. You can bet your life that you'll pay a lot more than that at a salon.

  • Convenience. You can change your hair color any time of the day in the privacy of your own bathroom.

  • Color. If you don't want to make a drastic change, the boxed stuff is the way to go. You can probably find a color out there that is close to your natural color. I always stay in the blonde family and try to find a product with "multi-dimensional" highlights.

  • Misrepresentation. You should never pick a color based on its cute name or the color on the front of the box. Instead you should read the descriptors like medium blonde or ashy blonde to get a better idea of what you'll end up with.

  • Strength. A lot of drugstore hair dye kits contain very harsh ingredients. Try for a formula that includes avocado or grapeseed oils--these products are used in salons and are less damaging.

  • Application. Though dying hair at home is a pretty easy task, you have to be sure to follow all the directions. You don't want to end up with too much concentration in the front and not enough in the back.
I'm going to stick with my at-home dying since I plan to stay a blonde for a while. If, for some reason, I get the crazy notion to dye my hair black or red, I'll make an appointment with a professional. A girl needs to know when to call in for back up, after all.

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sara said...

i too do the DIY coloring at home. And so far have been really successful with it. Well before i went dark, rob was doing my blonde highlights for me! i havent paid for a colorist in years!!! and my pocketbook is happy about that!