Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: Volum’ Express Mascara

What is it? According to Maybelline, Volum’ Express Mascara increases lash volume up to three times without clumps. It is supposed to quickly thicken lashes for a “dramatic” look.

What did you think? As is well documented, I am a Great Lash devotee, but I thought I’d try out the Volume Express after a comment from a reader (thanks!). Volum’ Express is easy to apply and doesn’t clump, just like it says. The brush is nice and full and doesn’t get the big globs of tarry mascara that plague some brushes. My lashes seem longer and thicker, though far from dramatic.

The final verdict? Of all the drugstore cosmetic companies, I think Maybelline does the best job with mascara. Volum’ Express is a decent product and a good runner-up to Great Lash. Though Volum’ Express is currently in my make-up case, I still opt for the familiar green and pink tube of Great Lash. However, if I am ever in a pinch, Volum’ Express would be my next choice.

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